Saturday, December 04, 2010
I'm here...

Hot, humid, busy Singapore. The Christmas decorations are so impressive! Love it. I also love the new Marina Bay Sands casino complex, really impressive driving past it, might go check it out tomorrow.

Then on Sunday I am heading up to Seoul. Where it's freezing. Snow. Great. Just great. As much as I bitch about the humidity of Singapore, I much prefer it to the cold and snow!

So, apart from this trip I've had an incredibly hectic and stressful few weeks, lots of dramas in my personal life, combined with one of the busiest weeks at work all year. I'm very much looking forward to my Christmas holiday and break.

The blokes are fine. I saw bloke #1 on Thursday, first time since we had a rather heated argument and I told him to fuck off and leave me alone (it was during my hell week so I wasn't really myself). Thankfully we ended up in a better place and had a really fun Thursday night out. He really is lovely. And he's grown a beard and oh my god, hotness. Like seriously, never thought I was a fan of the beard but on him, totally works. Think Shayne Ward in his "Gotta Be Somebody" video. Hubba hubba (not a fan of his music, but he sure is pretty to look at!).

Right, I better go - it's 2.29am in NZ, only 9.29pm local time and feeling quite knackered.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010
So there's a house guest currently staying here.

He's visiting from Spain (but is originally from New Zealand), and is a family friend of a friend. He works on super yachts and is waiting until the yacht arrives in NZ later this week before he joins the crew. Sounds like an incredible job, crewing around the med and the greek islands, the bahamas and other tropical destinations, surrounded by sun, sand and sea, impossible luxury. But really, that's not why I'm writing about him.

I'm writing about him because he's causing me to drool over my toast in the morning! Very good looking. Tall and tanned, fit (runs and surfs every morning), shares my love of Pics Really Good Peanut Butter (which is really good LOL, the only peanut butter I can eat as the rest is disgusting) and Kings of Leon.

Since he's been here, not surprisingly, I've been up early in the morning to catch him just as he arrives back from his surf; all wet, sandy and salt-smelly (heaven). As tonight is his last night with us, we went down to our local pub for a few drinks. It'll be sad to see the house guest go, I did like to have a pretty face to look at over the cornflakes and coffee!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Hello out there. It is I, your absentee blogger.

I didn't anticipate not updating this thing for nearly 8 months, doesn't seem like 8 months since my last post.

So, what's been happening since March? Well, I got myself knocked up.

Kidding. Just wanted to check if you were still reading.

Things haven't actually changed that much. I'm currently 6 months into living with my parents and that has been an interesting time. Rather difficult adjustment at the start but now we've found our groove. My mum is bonkers (she narrates her life, seriously, she is constantly talking about what she's doing) and my Dad is a grumpy old man (despite only recently turning 56). The upside to this living arrangement is that I'm saving a lot of money, all going into the "Get me the hell out of here and into my own home" bank account.

I'm also on Twitter. Although not very prolific at the moment, follow me here: If I ever get to 100 followers I'm doing a nudie run down Lambton Quay!

The one (or should I say two) most interesting things happening of late is that I am spending time with a couple of new men in my life. Why yes, two of them!

#1 is a opinionated, argumentative, confident, sexy landscape gardener. Lovely body, pretty eyes and a tendency to annoy me. A lot. We have great chemistry and despite the fact that he says the most outrageous things (more often that not to get a reaction out of me, because he likes it when I "take the bait"), I like spending time with him. Although not overnight, as his bed is terribly uncomfortable and I need my beauty sleep.

#2 is a quiet creative with a wicked sense of humour web developer. He's sensitive and calm. Great artist. Very handsome. I like him. A lot. But it's not going exactly where I thought it would (ahem, the bedroom LOL). Still, I like that he is interested in similar things (art galleries, museums; only under duress would #1 visit City Gallery for any reason).

I've had a trip to the US mid-year, which was a lot of fun. Was primarily for work but managed to squeeze in some sight seeing and shopping (so cheap, it was kind of obscene the amount of stuff I bought back).

Now I'm gearing up for a trip to Southeast and North Asia. Only away for 3 weeks, but back in time for Christmas.

Then in January, I'm on road trip up north, Bay of Islands I think. I haven't actually planned anything, but thought I'd just grab a few friends, hire a car and take off. I've never been north of Auckland so I'm really keen to see more of our gorgeous north.

Right, that's the brief recap since March. I'm forgetting lots, but gave you the edited highlights package.

Right. I'm done.

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Monday, March 22, 2010
In less than 10 days I'll be leaving my little flat and *pause for dramatic effect* moving back in with my parents.

On one hand, I think it's a smart move (rent free for 12 months means a decent deposit for a house), on the other hand I worry about how I can actually live with my mum for 12 months.

But before I even get through the door, I have to pack up the flat. Which means some serious list making. I have yet to actually start any packing (first thing on the 'to do' list is get boxes and packing materials) and I'm procrastinating a lot. I have no motivation at all, also no help that I'm away for work three days this week and two days next week. I wish someone would just come into the flat and pack everything for me.

In totally unrelated packing/moving news, I met an "interesting" guy on Friday night. Friend of a friend deal. We did NOT get on at all. Oil and water. I have never encountered such an arrogant, frustrating person. I tend to be quite even-tempered, hate confrontation, get on well with people, but this guy was so difficult. We disagreed about everything and got into heated discussions which were, apparently, quite entertaining for the other people around us. I left feeling really annoyed because he got the last word and I spent all weekend trying to think of witty and sarcastic put downs that I should've said.

Right. I just remembered something else that needs to go on the to do list.

Poptart out.

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Monday, March 01, 2010
1. Why do some really nice guys (you know, the funny, cute, smart ones) go out with drop-kick women with no personalities and no conversation skills?
2. Those new Vodafone characters creep me out.
3. I really hate it when people wear white sports socks with black dress shoes.
4. I probably won't go see Alice in Wonderland because Johnny Depp doesn't look that hot in it.
5. I am moving in with my parents (probably in late March, early April) to save $$ to buy a house and I'm concerned that my parents will realise what a pathetic social life their daughter has.
6. My vege garden has been a success! I "harvested" green beans, lettuce, courgettes and beetroot today and had a really lovely salad for dinner tonight.
7. Why hasn't someone streamlined the design of ice-skates? They look so clunky and uncomfortable.
8. I'm not going to the Lady Gaga concert in Auckland on 13 March and I'm really miffed. Work schedule means I can't go (despite having tickets and telling my boss weeks ago). Have sold the ticket to a friend and will go buy some shoes this week to make me feel better.
9. I haven't bought any tickets to any of the NZ International Arts Festival shows but I'm hoping I'll somehow get some freebies.
10. I made some lemon cupcakes tonight, with the idea of taking them into work tomorrow, but I've eaten 4 and decided they're too good to share!
11. I have a new cellphone and I love it... sadly, I'm in love with it because I can get work emails and sync it with my Outlook calendar. I have got to get a life LOL.
12. I really wish Sephora would open here in NZ.
13. Ditto IKEA.
14. I could quite happily exist on crusty bread and good cheese for dinner for weeks (not sure my flabby arse would appreciate it though).
15. I've spent a lot of time looking at these, all because if I vote, I want to make an informed choice. They're all very young but I'm leaning towards Phillipp Spahn, who's quite dishy.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010
and apparently Barney is also a 35 year old Wellingtonian.

Today I wore a maxi dress - purple/cerise colour. Really flattering and easy to wear. I thought I looked quite foxy. Teamed with chunky wedges, stacked bangles and a Meadowlark necklace. Kind of a 70s vibe. So I was feeling cute and happy.

Then a smartarse coworker said I looked like Barney. The Dinosaur. Well, thank you very much. Bitch LOL.

Actually, being told I look liked Barney reminded me of my cousin, who when he was 3 was a huge Barney fan. He especially loved the theme music and would sing quite loudly:

Barney is a dinosaur
Murray is an Asian

This confused our family for awhile. Perhaps there was a little Chinese boy in the TV show called Murray? It wasn't until a few months later, that we learned the theme music was:

Barney is a dinosaur
From our imagination

I think I prefer the first version, haha.

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Monday, January 25, 2010
When I think of our feathered friends, this is my reaction:

I hate them. I hate their wings. Their feathers. That they fly. The smell. Their beady eyes. Everything about them. Euw. I feel weird just thinking about them flying around *shudder*.

However, because I'm very contrary (just call me Mary!) I adore anything with a bird motif. I've got t-shirts with bird prints on them. I've got vintage bird prints on the wall. Necklaces and rings with birds (Meadowlark Swallow necklace is my current fave). Feather earrings. Anything birdie, I love it.

Just not an actual real one.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
As I mentioned recently, I lost my make up bag travelling. Talk about pain in the arse.

I spent some time (and considerable money) replacing the items I lost. I know I haven't got everything, but I'm slowly getting there. Thankfully, my travel insurance will cover the costs of the replacement items.

Yesterday I picked up some stuff by Chi Chi, which is a brand of make up I have seen (in Farmers) but not used. I thought the names were cute, so picked up "Maneater" (cheek colour) and "Major Hissy Fit" (eye shadow) LOL. I also like that the products are "only tested on family and friends"

The Chi Chi cosmetics remind me of Benefit, which I really like (and wish you could get here in NZ!). I especially like Benetint, Dr Feelgood and High Beam (but think BadGal mascara is a waste of time LOL). I knew I should've stocked up when I was in Singapore. Oh well. Next time.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010
It has been such crap weather the past few days that I decided I needed cheering up. So I baked some chocolate cupcakes.

These are fantastic cupcakes, I can't remember where I got the recipe (somewhere from the internet) but these are really moist, not crumbly and so choco-lovely! I get many compliments on these (and many requests to make them, in fact, have an "order" for next week, for my friends son's 2nd birthday party).

They're easy to make and because I like to spread the love, below is the recipe.

Chocolate Cupcakes

¾ c cocoa
1 ½ c plain flour
1 ½ c suga
1 ½ teaspoon baking soda
¾ teaspoon baking powder
¾ teaspoon salt
2 eggs
¾ c warm water
¾ c milk
3 tablespoons safflower oil (or canola)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Heat oven to 180°C (350°F). Line muffin trays with paper patty cups.

In one large bowl, sift cocoa, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt.

Add eggs, warm water, milk, oil and vanilla essence.

Mix until smooth.

Fill patty cups (not quite to the top) and bake for about 15 minutes.

Cool on wire rack and then ice with chocolate butter icing.


Should make about 18 medium-sized cupcakes.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010
Today I had lunch with some of my favourite people... and their mums.

I met up with a few girlfriends who have all had babies in the past year. It wasn't like the lunches we used to have (booze, ciggies and more booze) but it was still fun and great to see some gorgeous wee faces.

However, I was mocked by my friends who seemed to think the bag I carried (my good old faithful Calvin Klein) contained more than their handbags and baby bags combined. I beg to differ. Take a look.

The bag is about 30cm across, so not a huge bag. But manages to fit everything I need on a daily basis.

Here's what I carried in it today (from top): notebook (new purchase, from Wanda Harland, a great new store only a few hundred metres from my house), diary, two pens, bus timetable, business card holder, Summer City programme, small notebook, USB, purse, pair of earrings, OPI nail polish "I'm Not Really a Waitress", Clarins 3-in-1 creme colour, Prada glasses, Prada sunglasses, iPod, keys, cellphone, sunblock, hair tie, lip balm, liquid eyeliner, tweezers, three lipglosses, mascara, another lipgloss, FACE Stockholm blush.

Just the essentials folks. Okay, that's quite a lot of shit to carry around. I didn't photograph all the junk either (receipts, bus passes, random coins and keys LOL). And to think this is my "holiday" bag, wait till you see my "work" one (which always includes another pair of shoes LOL).

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
I planted a small vege garden yesterday.

I'm so proud of my patch of dirt. It's a small garden with only a few plants. I want to see how I go with these before I add any more. If I manage not to kill anything, I'm going to plant potatoes (but not until October), rocket, tomato, chilli, aubergines. Basically anything I like to eat, I'm going to try and grow.

I won't bore you with lots of updates, but I hope to take a picture each month of my "babies" to chart my progress.

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Monday, January 11, 2010
So I’m sure you don’t want to hear much about my beach holiday with Will. There was sun, sand, BBQs and beaches. Not a great deal else to report LOL. Reading, chilling out and trying to relax, although kind of difficult when you have about 28 people staying with you!

My sister and her tribe came for a few days too (they were in Auckland visiting her partners family). Great seeing my family again (especially as I wasn't with them for Christmas or New Year) and they got to meet Will.

My sister told me that I am again "keeping to type" LOL. I guess she means that I am attracted to sporty, intelligent, blonde men (which as I type this I realised could also describe my father, euw LOL).

What I like about Will is:

  1. He looks unbearably sexy with stubble
  2. He is an enthusiastic and very good cook
  3. He didn’t complain when I insisted on playing a Dolly Parton CD I found repeatedly for two days
  4. He can do the crossword… in pen! (Unlike me who needs pencil because of all the mistakes)
  5. His smile
  6. He was very good with my 3 nieces and nephew who followed him everywhere
  7. He doesn’t care that I don’t like to surf, kayak, dive, fish or have anything remotely to do with the water (except look at it or lie near it reading LOL)
  8. His hands
  9. His back (and the nice bum attached to it)
  10. He didn’t seem to mind that my idea of “strenuous exercise” was walking from the deck to the refrigerator to get a drink
  11. He didn't put any pressure on me or us to define what we are together
  12. He let me drive his car
  13. He is cute and grumpy in the mornings (just like me, well, the grumpy part anyway)
  14. He likes to read books (this is a first, I have never been with a guy who liked to read before LOL)
  15. He can filet a fish
  16. And cook it perfectly
  17. He seems to like me
  18. He looks good in a towel
  19. And out of one
  20. He is sweet and thoughtful
Okay, that's enough. I'm making myself barf LOL.

In unrelated news, I got a haircut today, it's shorter and asymmetrical curly do. I like it. Very sassy.

Tomorrow I am going to plant a vege garden! I'm terribly excited and nervous about it. I hope I don't kill them and I hope that in about 2 months time I'll be able to eat something from my very own city garden. Will keep you updated on this riveting project of mine LOL.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Hello. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? Hi.

I'm back, not sure if anyone even realised I was gone LOL.

I'm on holiday at the moment, I was in Vietnam/Cambodia for all of December and had a great time (apart from the 5 days in hospital in Cambodia).

Highlights of the trip were:
  • wandering around the quaint, quiet streets of Hoi An
  • getting two gorgeous dresses, two jackets, two leather bags and two pairs of shoes made for $250
  • catching up with awesome friends in Phnom Penh and their incredible hospitality
  • doing a cooking class in Hoi An
  • jumping on the back of motorcycle taxis and zooming around Ho Chi Minh City
  • air conditioning
  • amazing food (I kid you not, not one dud meal the entire time)
Some lowlights of the trip were:

  • spending 5 days in hospital in Cambodia
  • losing my camera in Ho Chi Minh City
  • constantly getting ripped off in HCMC (exaggerated tourist prices in the markets were the worst)
  • leaving my make up bag and other stuff on the plane
Once back in NZ, my sweet new man picked me up and whisked me away for a week at the beach at his parents beach house. I had thought it was going to be relaxing and quiet, but after one day together, we had visitors for the remainder of our time there. For 3 days we had 28 people stay! Thankfully, the house was large enough to cope with the numbers. Actually, the beach house was amazing, gorgeous views, great furniture and art work. But also very comfortable (so I didn't feel so bad when I tracked in sand or put my feet on the sofas).

We came back from the beach yesterday and spent today just mooching around Auckland and catching up with some friends. Tomorrow I'm flying back to Wellington. Can't wait to get home. Hopefully Wellington weather will be good. I've got a week hanging around before I get back to work on Jan 18. It's not going to be easy, sitting behind a desk for 8 hours after I haven't been working for over 6 weeks.

Ugh. And now I just imagined the number of emails I'll have.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Hello, it's me, your recalcitrant blogger.

If you were hoping for interesting, funny updates, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. My life is incredibly boring at the moment... bland, uneventful, small.

Work is keeping me busy, I've got so many events coming up before the end of the year, including this big 7 day event I organise. All I'm really thinking about though, is my holiday in December.

All the travel has been organised, same for accommodation, now I'm researching tailors in Hoi An (they're meant to be really good). I'm planning on getting a coat, a jacket and a summery maxi-dress - although I'm still not sure if a short, dumpy chick like myself can wear a maxi-dress LOL.

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Monday, October 26, 2009
It’s been a really nice Labour Weekend, great weather and time spent with the new guy (Will, I met him about a month ago), who came down to Wellington for the weekend.

I was nervous and excited before he arrived…but he was just as funny, smart and cute as I remembered LOL.

I also discovered he has great hands; slightly scarred and nicked, sexy. He also has nice shoulders; broad, well defined and strong. He’s intelligent, funny and down to earth. Smells great and totally rocked my metaphorical socks off in bed.... mmm, give me a moment to just savour that now LOL.

I got to show him around Wellington (he recently returned to NZ after several years living abroad) and meet some of his friends, who were really lovely (and in typical Wellington fashion, I knew several of them, not by name, but I've just seen them around the city). Thankfully the weather was great, so we managed to walk along the beach, have a few drinks at a favourite bar and brunch at my local cafe. Oh and I got to see the inside of a hotel room at the Museum Hotel, which has had a refurb since the last time I was there (for a work famil).

Not quite sure what's going to happen now he's gone back home, I guess we'll take it one email or one text message at a time. I'm pretty relaxed about it.

I also got started on my Christmas shopping (bought my three nieces their gifts) and went to see "Julie & Julia" which I really enjoyed. Meryl Streep is a fantastic actor.

Now I'm just psyching myself up to go to work tomorrow. The weekend just goes too quickly really, but I suppose it's a short week so that's something to look forward to.

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Monday, October 12, 2009
What is it with some people who think they have every right to lecture you about your life?

Yesterday I had to endure a 45 minute lecture from a relative (not my mum or dad, they know better LOL) about how my life must be so empty and without purpose because I'm not married or have kids. This is almost an annual lecture from this particular relative, who just can't seem to get it through her thick skull that I am perfectly happy, content and loving the life I have. I also don't understand what business this is of hers? Why really, is she concerned? How does my apparent spinsterhood affect her personally? I just don't get it.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009
Two months from now (give a few days), I'm going to be here:

That's a beach in Nah Trang, Vietnam.

I can't wait to get there. As well as beach hopping in central Vietnam, I'm travelling down to Ho Chi Minh City, heading along the Mekong Delta into Cambodia (and to stay with a friend who works in Phnom Penh), then onto Siem Reap and then flying to Vientiane (and staying with another friend who works for World Vision in Laos).

But before I get there, I have two major events to organise, two international visits to organise and facilitate, one marketing campaign to start, one project proposal to write, and a bunch of other stuff. All I'm picturing is that beach in Nah Trang, me, a book and a drink LOL.

Apart from work, I'm also looking forward to seeing the Auckland guy I met a few weeks ago. He's coming down here for Labour Weekend, so that'll be cool to hang out with him for a few days.

Now, what isn't cool, is the news about a missing 2 year old girl, Aisling Syme. Please send your thoughts, prayers and white light to this missing girl and her family. So sad.

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Monday, September 28, 2009
Where has September gone? This month has just flown by. I've had a really busy work schedule, lots of flying around the place, which sounds fun, but soon loses it's allure very early on. I had something like 12 flights in 5 days.

This past weekend I was in Auckland for work. I did manage to get some free time though, which turned out to be really good! I met someone. Really clicked and got on well. He's blonde, brown eyes, tanned and handsome. Into running and cycling. Travelled a lot and has worked in Paris and Tokyo over the years. Intelligent and funny. I'm not sure if it's going to lead any where (seeing as he's in Auckland and I'm here in Wellington) but it was fun to know that there still some decent single men out there!

In other news, I went to the City Gallery yesterday, it was their reopening after nearly a year of renovations. You should've seen the queues! I guess you can definitely say that Wellington is the arts capital of New Zealand.

The outside of the gallery was covered in spots. Visiting artist Yayoi Kusama is exhibiting until February 2010. It's a little bit mad and I love it.

Hopefully now I'm back at work with no expected travel until December I'll be able to update this blog more often.

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Things I have always wanted to do:

  1. Be in a music video
  2. Sail a boat along the Adriatic
  3. Create a signature perfume
  4. Own a couture garment
  5. Learn to knit and sew
  6. Sit front row at Paris Fashion Week
  7. Produce a full length feature film
  8. Paint an oil painting
  9. Drive a fantastically fast car on the Nuremberg Track
  10. Learn to play the guitar
  11. Speak another language fluently
Nothing too outrageous there. I suppose I could actually do some of these things (knit, sew, learn another language). Just seems a little like too much hard work LOL.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009
I had two colleagues, at two different times, make a comment about how I was looking today.

Apparently, I had a "glow" about me. 

One thought that perhaps I might be pregnant. The other thought I had a new bloke and we were shagging like rabbits. Hahahahaha. 

Neither of course. I had to tell them the "glow" was thanks to Napoleon Perdis, M.A.C and FACE Stockholm.

It's all about bronzer and blush ladies. And blending. Blending is key.

I would of course, give up the face paint for the opportunity to get the "glow" from being shagged senseless LOL.

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